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Thread: Water changes!

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    Nice fish jon, can I ask where you found them ?

    Why me ?

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    I'm from HongKong. One of my fd goes to malaysia several times every year to visit the discus farms there. The albino leopard is selling at HKD$3000 to $4000 each in HK and I bought it $1200 from him.

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    Red face The best way for discus fish(water change)

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    One of the most important factors in discus breeding is the frequent replacement of water in the disc tank .... The most important reason that we change part of the water in the disc tanks can be divided into the following categories ... We try to Let's cover each of these topics in the next posts:
    1- Reducing the concentration of nitrate materials such as ammonia - nitrite and nitrate

    As you know, the first toxic substance formed in freshwater tanks is ammonia, which later becomes nitrite. This is extremely toxic to the aquarium, and this is the most important cause of death and disease in new tanks until the nitrogen cycle in the tank has passed. Therefore, in the beginning, these materials should have a lower concentration in the tank. The best way is to change some of the aquarium water from the first days. This method is the safest factor for health and passing the sensitive steps of nitrogen cycle in your tank.

    2- Contributing to the growth of discus by providing lost water:
    With the help of some factors, the level of nitrate in water can also be controlled. The use of some plants in freshwater refuges, the use of ATS, etc., but whatever we do, the disc needs fresh water. A study of the life of the discus in the Amazon shows that the discus habitat is running water. That is, water is constantly being refreshed. Therefore, the need to change the water periodically is a basic need for disk. The addition of magnesium, phosphate, iron, calcium, and other minerals absorbed by the disc's body is done by fresh water,

    3- Elimination of hormones that oppose the growth of feremon discs
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    F1 Red spotted greens

    At 20 years old I bought 2 wild Blue Heckel Discus in Tucson AZ. At that time Discus were said to unkeepable in an aquarium. Is was back on 1982. I put them in a 75 gallon tank with all my other fish, with just tap water. They lived for years until I moved Back home to MN. I have bread Discus. I have a 75 gallon with 5 assorted hybrid Discus. But the Discus I love the most is the Red Spotted Tefe Green. So I ordered 4 Red Spotted Greens from Rain Forest farms and tom has been delaying delivery for over three weeks. Please let me know if you dealt with this company? Please let me know.

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