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    Constant RO feed/overflow setup

    Hi Peeps,

    About 10 years ago I used to be active in this forum (I think it's the same one...) with discus dealer and marine biologist and 'gangster' Granville (bless his soul - loved the guy)

    I've been there with the 1000l display tanks and 25 Discus inside, and half a dozen breeding tanks in the garage with RO water storage tanks in the loft etc - so I'm not a 'noob' however I have just decided to re-boot a small Trigon 190 with tropicals, this time (as I'm a lazy git) I want a 24/7 RO feed with overflow to provide a constant water change (money is not a real issue)

    Does anyone know of a kit/parts needed - the tank is next to a wall that can be fed from a small RO unit by drilling a hole to a downstairs WC room and the drainage/overflow can go the same way. I don't mind drilling the tank.



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    Hi Mat, this forum is but a shadow of what it was, I guess I am only a caretaker these days. Just removing spammers most days.

    I cant really help with your question, but it sounds like you have the experience to work it out.

    Best of luck
    Why me ?

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