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    Errrrr I know a few Melbourne breeders who could rectify that situation for you Dee
    F1 scalares tickle ya fancy Dee?

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    Or F2 Peruvians ?????

    Then again I could offer you half black veiltails, albino pearlscale, albino pearlscale veiltails, black lace veiltails.............................shall I go on :P
    Thirty-five years keeping and breeding discus, and I'm still learning :P

    Merrilyn has passed, but will not be forgotten - Goodbye dear friend

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    Hi, I'm New Here!
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    Wonderful addition to the forum.

    Surely, I'd be going back into angelfish from keeping discus, just give me the magic to get 48 hours out of one day. Ofcourse, I wouldn't give up my discus for anything.

    Would be great to find some quality fish to get the angels going instead of random ones at the lfs.

    Merrilyn, Ben, you two are keen breeders right? I'd like to pay a visit some time, after I get everything sorted. Love to get some exotic angelfish.

    Speak soon,


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    Hi, I'm New Here!
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    Cool Angelfish help needed

    Hi All
    I have a marble and blue ghost angelfish pair. Theyíve been laying eggs for a while but never really went beyond day 1, as they eat the eggs overnight. To cut a long story short, during lockdown I decided to hatch the eggs myself. I got about 30 fryís who are now over 4 month old. the second batch is now 6 weeks old (63 babies) and the third and final batch is over 100 fryís Which are nearly 4weeks old (no deaths for past couple of weeks).

    Although I would love to glorify myself in becoming more and more successful. I think my success is quickly becoming my own demise. Trouble is I wasnít working past 6 months and now I have finally found a job, my issue isnít looking after them(as I have worked the system out), my concern is these baby fish will soon grow up and I will run out of space. Idea was to make a bit of money out of my little experiment and unfortunately eBay sales havenít been that hot.
    Iíve managed to sell about 10 to local buyers but havenít had any bite from anyone else.
    I donít want to give the fish away to anyone for free as I have taken a lot of care and made a lot of effort to get this far. Any kind suggestions will be much appreciated.
    I have 5 aquariums in the house 4 on a rack (70L, 50L, 20L and 10L and a 200l corner tank.)

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