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    Silica Sand

    Does anyone ever heard of used this?
    Overseas Aquascaper used them as a substrate. They say its high in iron.

    Is it available here is Oz?

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    i know this is an old post but it is still very usefull.

    i would like to know what you guys think of what i'm going to use.


    people have been using it for quite some time here in Portugal and the results are very good, specialy in tanks with lower PH.

    the plants like it and the fish do not complain

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    Hello everyone, this is my very first post.

    I have a 3-week-old 55g, currently lightly-planted, with a co2 ladder (considering adding the other after animals enter the scene).

    My substrate is Aragonite, with Laterite sprinkles for the plants. I understand that Aragonite raises pH.
    Will this raising of pH gradually stop, as the Aragonite ages?
    To control pH, I plan on running the co2 day and night, as well as the lovely almond leaf "trick." All water parameters will be stable, BEFORE a single discus is ever added.

    What does the group think?
    Thank you so much - these forums are amazing.

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    Found some info while researching this.

    1mm or 20grit pool sand seems to be the stuff to use.

    The mesh or grit size is how many grains of sand lined up equal 1" long line of sand. 30 mesh = 30 grains of sand per inch. 20 grit is 20 grains of sand to the inch.
    There are 25 mm per inch, so saying 20 mesh sand equals 1 mm diameter is pretty close. 30 mesh sand is slightly smaller grains.

    Sand generally weighs not too far off 100 lbs per cubic foot. Not an exact number, though. Especially if it gets wet.
    @ 2" deep, 1 cubic foot covers 6 square feet, or a tank that is 1-1/2' x 4'.
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