Has anyone had experience with myrtle beach discus? I heard they were good. I bought some discus from wattleys',
who I thought were good but I have had nothing but bad luck from them. I lost 3 to worms before getting them under
control and 3 looked great and were fat and just died for no reason. I am new to discus but have had fresh and marine tanks
for over 40 years and know what I'm doing. My water is good with a 6.8 ph and temp is 85 degrees. I vacuum once a week
and change 30 % of the water per wattleys' instructions. I don't get a lot of gunk out when I vacuum. anyway, I am thinking
of trying myrtle beach discus so any advice is appreciated. I don't want to buy more discus and have them die. The tank is 125 gal.