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Thread: Ammonia!!!!

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    Hi, after some advice!

    I have just added 8 6.5cm Stendker discus to my new tank (240l). Tank has been up and running fully cycled with 20 cardinals for the past two months.

    2 days after discus added my ammonia jumped up to 0.5ppm. (Previously 0). Nitrite is currently 0 and Nitrates about 5ppm.

    Iíve changed about 75% of the water over the past 36 hours and ammonia down to 0.25ppm.

    I have reduced feeding (beef heart) and added prime and purigen.

    Iíve also added a dose of filter starter.

    The fish all seem fine. Any advice on next steps?

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    Hi, I'm New Here!
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    The activity is half away as most specialists will let you know that Ammonia is one of the compounds in the aquarium that will work to levels where it will kill fish thus I encourage you to every day look at Ammonia levels. The main safe degree of ammonia is 0 parts per million (ppm). Indeed, even groupings of only 2 ppm can make fish pass on in your tank. By estimating your tank's water and making the important changes, you can assist with bringing alkali levels down to a protected, reasonable level for your fish.

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