Hi All,

Thought it was about time I introduced myself. My name is John I知 based in Cheshire UK and I知 just beginning my journey within the Discus community.

I致e been keeping fish tanks of varying types over the years (mainly saltwater) but Discus have always interested me so I have decided I知 going to shut down a tank I have (not had great success with it) and replace with a large tank for a planted setup.

Nothing is going to happen quickly here as this will very likely be my forever tank and due to what I want I cannot afford to rush things anyway. My system will be an 8x2x2 sumped tank, planted with ideally a number of different groups of Discus and other compatible tank mates.

I think I have a good idea on how I want to run the tank in terms of filtration, flow, lighting however I have zero plant knowledge and zero Discus experience.

I will be reading lots of info here and no doubt asking many a question to build my knowledge and plan. I have been watching a lot of YouTube stuff which can be a bit cringe with some folks they are also a good source of info.

Anyway I知 rambling which I have a tendency to do so I will give it a rest now.

Mainly wanted to say Hi and look forward to hopefully chatting with folk on the forum.