Hi all

Finally, I managed to find a proven discus from someone. I bought them two weeks ago. They are cobalt couple. Since I moved them, they did not eat anything. When I bought them, I moved them into a breeding tank which is 50x50x50. I bought this tank from a guy including an Eheim classic 250 external filter. The filter has been used for a year or so I did not clean it because I thought it's good to keep the batteries. Then I filled the tank with water which I made by Osmosis and then added the couple there.

Last two weeks, I did feed them every day but they did not eat anything. So, I had to clean the untouched food every day. I did also tried different foods but that doesn't matter, they did not eat anything. I started to be suspicious to filter and I cleaned it up and removed it. I also used Sera Protozal to cure them if they have the parasite. So far, this did not help their eating and I am so worried.

The water conditions is very good. Tds is around 70, ph is 6.5 and other things are normal like
I did some research with other breeders and only one person told me when they are busy with breeding they do not eat until they lay eggs. I knew this but I haven't experienced this for a long time like two weeks.

I know they need time to get used to a new environment but I am worried it is getting a bit longer (Already two weeks).

Since I get them, I do the water change every day. They look very healthy and sometimes they also clean the cone.

Now my question is what do you think of this situation? Should I just wait or do I need to take some actions? Many thanks in advance!