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    Question Bloated, white poop not eating

    I have a discus that stays at the top of the tank. Not eating and bloated. I posted to a group and they suggested epsom salt. I did that and I saw white poop. Not sure where to go now as I am not a fan of the group! Iíve had him since 2/14 and want him to live- but I also donít want anyone else sick. Any advice?


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    Hi Gibbsie66
    sounds like hex, white poop , does it look stringy or has it got some size about it ( the poop ) if its stringy then you need metro , and metro is good for the bowels so this should help .
    Have you tried peas mush up some pea's and use a pippet i get mine from a local store in qld ,use the plastic pippet to suck up some of the peas then remove the fish from the tank put the pippet into the fishes mouth and slowly insert it to the back of the throat ( yes i have done this , discus had swim bladder problem and i feed it ) squeeze the pippet to put the peas into the discus keep doing it 3 times a day till the fish is better , Hope this helps

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