Nice to meet you I started with a 5 gallon tank when I was 8 and it just grew from there

Currently have a planted 150 gallon community tank with 12 Discus, a pair of angels, diamond tetras, rummy nose and a couple long fin albino bristlenose plecos.

Three of my Discus decided to spawn last year, a big blue diamond female and her two suitors, a high fin turquoise and some other variety of turquoise. Of course the eggs didnít make it too long in the community tank, so this year I decided when they started up again, to move the blue diamond female and the larger turquoise male into their own 20 gallon hex, where they spawned and fry (about 50?) have been free swimming about 9-10 days. Feeding bbb and parents eating Fbw and fbs. I bough two other tanks, a 29 and a 20 long...they were on sale 😉. Doing daily 75% water changes.

Been fun to watch and Iím excited they survived so far. Parents act strange, flicking the fry off at times, running into the tank wall at high speed with no obvious reason. They arenít eating as much as usual either but I will address questions in a different thread.

Happy to meet you all!