Here are my parameters before I begin
Ammonia 0
Nitrate 5
Nitrite 0
Ph 5.8-6.2
I know my ph is low, itís always been low. Iíve asked about it and have been told as long as itís consistent even low it should be fine.
Water changes- are done every day or every other day at 25-50%
Temp- 86 degrees

About a week or so ago I noticed one of my 6 discus was acting a bit odd, so I upped my water changes and 3 days later I noticed he was not eating. So I upped my temp to 88 degrees and continued with daily water changes. I also upped my wc to 60% every day. Still no change and seemed to be getting worse. So I quarantined him and someone suggested to me I should try metroplex and epsom salt. Although I have not seen any bloat. Still no change in this one discus. So Iím at a loss as what I should do next.