Hi all,
Looking for a bit of help/advice if possible please?
Basically, had 2 discus show signs of pairing off, doing the no pants dance, lay eggs and even defend and kill a new additional 1 of 3 discus into the tank. The suspected male would always eat the eggs as soon as the female laid them so decided to set up a breeder tank incase they turned on any of the other discus in the main tank or that male was eating eggs out of threat from other fish etc.
So last night the female laid another batch in the new set up breeder tank after a day or 2 of courtship only for the male to hoover them up as soon as laid, I thought that he maybe needed 4 of 5 goes to figure our what he had to do so I cleaned the breeder tank today only to find the suspected male laying eggs as well?! 🤬

What do I do now? How can/do I introduce them back into main tank without them ganging up and picking on my remaining discus? Also have a further 4 discus coming next week.

Any help guidance greatly appreciated.