I'm about to pull the trigger on ordering a 132g/496L tank and have a few questions on other hardware, I had a 450L tank about 15 years ago and everything was on a budget, I'm looking to set this up properley from the start and try and reduce the maintainance requrements;

The tank is going to be a planted tank,

  1. Would 2 x Fluval FX6 be enough to filter this correctly, would discus be best witht he flow turned down to 50%?
  2. The outputs on this seem to be 25mm on the FX6, does anyone know where I can get a Y splitter with 25mm in and 2 x 16mm out to run to the inline heaters below, would this be ok, It drops the flow slightly but better than a straight 25 > 16mm reducer to connect to the heaters
  3. I'm planning on getting Hydor External heaters but I've seen very mixed reviews, what is the current consensus on these? Where I'm planning on splitting the output to 2 x 16mm pipes would I be able to get away with 1 per filter or a heater on each return line
  4. What would be the best way to add CO2 into the system considering the filtration is a closed loop
  5. Is it worth adding inline UV filters after the heaters on the return from the start (leaving them off for cycling?) or just add them later if needed?