Hi as the title says I need a little help I am preparing my tank for discus, it has been running for a while now with tetras my water parameters are pH 7.6, higher pH7.4, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 5ppm, GH 6 degrees and KH 3 degrees, TDS 131ppm. the pH I feel is too high for discus as all I have read says 6.5-6.8, but mine is stable always the same no matter what, I am using RO/DI water with one scoop tropic marin re-min (my tap water is 19 degrees GH and 12 degrees KH with TDS 243ppm and on a good day 20-40ppm nitrate) hence the RO, so my main question is will discus be ok in what I've got or do I try to lower the pH? if so I am thinking peat pellets in the filter would it work? thank you in advance.