Hi all,

I've been in the hobby for over 20 years. Always been into big preds and most recently stingrays but after seeing some Geos in a display tank at a local aquarium i was hooked! Almost a shame it took me so long to come across these gems...

Anyways, completely hooked on them but i am finding that numbers a very scarce and looks like alot of sp may have been lost for good in Aus. Great to see a dedicated forum available here - for someone like myself this is absolute gold! Trying to connect with previous and present Geo keepers has been quite a task... There have been a few helpful enthusiasts but almost all no longer keep Geos and no longer have an interest in them.

Would love to connect with those of you who still keep any sp. Please don't hesitate to send me a PM or jump on here

I've currently got a group of Pindare adults, Rio Brancos, OH Tapajo pair, group of Red Humps and a lonely adult Leucosticta.
Got a couple of juveniles of whatever i can get my hands on!

To add - got 5 dedicated Geo tanks and one pred tank.

Located Melbourne!

Hope to hear from anyone out there! Even those that are no longer keeping Geos but still have an interest would love to hear from you too