So....ive made a decision

I've a brand new 6'x18"x18" tank. Fx6 filtration. Potential to add if sterilisation unit through a tetra Tec ec700 at what ever flow rate I choose.

Lights havnt been decided on yet.

I'm thinking of stocking 10 discus and a few small tank mates.

And 2 small suitable plecs

Decor will be mopani wood and some balls and a couple of medium size terracotta plant pots

I've decided on a HMA 20" 7lps unit plumbed directly to my hot and cold supply via a TMV
For ease of changes

So I know of many ways to mature my filter but just wondered if anyone had any good ideas to do this effectively. Not too fussed about the length of time it takes just want it right

Any advice or suggestions on the above are welcome

Thanks in advance