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    Nymphula or China Mark Moth - how to get rid of?

    Hi all I’m a beginner with planted tank and only a couple of years into discus so definitely ‘just an egg’. I sent some pics to a local fish breeder of my plants which are being destroyed. Chap got back to me advising is nymphula caterpillar / Chinese Mark Moth and suggested I use Yates Nature’s Way Caterpillar Killer. He’s very knowledgeable but I hesitate to use poison in the tank. I’d feel better about if someone else has gone down this road before with positive experience. I’ve researched and can’t find anything on using this product either on google or this site. Has anyone used this product in a Discus tank before. Love the planted tank look but not willing to sacrifice my Discus for my plants. Any responses appreciated.

    Active constituent on product is bacillus thuringiensus var. kurstaki
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