Hi friends,

A while back I was having parasite problems with one of my discus. Thread here:


It took over a month to treat but in the end she was as good as new. She has been living in the community tank for a few months now, everything going fine. Yesterday morning she ate well and everyone looked happy. When I came home at the end of the day she was laying completely on her side at the bottom of the tank gasping for air. I put her in a hospital tank with 1tsp Epsom salt/40L + API general cure and an airstone.

Water parameters in the community tank are 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 40ppm Nitrate (I know... working on it) Temp: 32C, pH: 7.4 (they are Stendker so bread to be in high pH water).

I have no idea what could have happened or what to do now. She looks miserable. Here is a video of her current status: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1D1e...ew?usp=sharing

Does anyone have a recommendation on what I should do?

Many thank in advance,