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    Aquarium equipment for sale

    Good day ladies and gents say hollow after a decade again since I joined here lucky to see any good old folks still here.
    I stopped keeping fish since 2011.

    I have below for sale

    1 X never used Ehiem 2275
    1 X used for short period Eheim 2275 fully complete working order
    1 X used complete like new 2215
    1X SCHEGO pump used
    2 X UV stabilisers (one made in Germany)

    1X water pumps
    1X large air pump
    many accessories

    buy the lot for $750 all packed in a large plastic container get the
    Sprry no individual sales

    Man I came here after a long long time I feel bit hollow in myself because no one from those days still hang around here.

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    Hi Finito,

    I believe I purchased my first discus from you many years back...Clayton South if memory serves correct!

    I've not had discus for 3, maybe 4 years and only just dropped in today for the first time in possibly that long! I miss them and often look at advertisements for incoming shipments.


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