So last month I travelled down to beautiful Lennox Head NSW for a holiday and on way home collected my Cade Altumate 1500 cabinet. It was naturally all crated up so I couldnít look at it until Iíd made the return journey home to the NT. They are extremelywell packed and boxed up - kudoos to Cade, awesome piece of equipment. The tank itself should arrive mid next week 😅

Iím planning on putting filter wool and sponge in the top two tiers of the sump basket in-filter, maxspect bio balls in the next tray and a continuum Bakki brick in the bottom basket. In the second chamber Iím planning on a refugium with pothe or java fern - havenít quite decided which. I have a 6500 kelvin light compact fluoro for the refugium so hopefully that will be sufficient for whatever does end up in there. In the third chamber Iíll have two more bricks or possibly porous rock as suggested by Sayid. The pump is a Fluval Sea sp2 (thinking I maybe shouldíve got a sp4 but weíll see). Itís a wet or dry pump so I plan to run as a dry making the most of the chambers.

Decided to do a journal on it as Iím sure there will be some trials and tribulations! Will try and post pics but Iím not real good at it. Okay thatís it, rabbited on enough. Cheers to the first chapter of journal! 🍾

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