Hello, I am Eric and is new to the forum! Just want to introduce myself and start asking questions right away!

I used to keep fish but have stopped for the past couple of years due to school and work but I'm looking to get back into it now that I'm done school and just have work. I used to have a 55 gallon bow front tank with red parrot ciclids, a 40 gallon with a jardini arowana and a 30 gallon tank with red cherry shrimps. I have kept 2 discus in my 30 gallon tank before so I know how to take care of them but I've never attempt breeding.

Below are some of my questions that I hope all you expert can advise me on or point me in the right direction.

1. I've read that to start, most economical way is to buy 5-6 2 inch discuss and keep them for 9-12 months for a breeding pair to show up. I was wondering what is the minimum aquarium size tank that I need to keep 5-6 discus? I guess I can start with 4 discus too but its lesser of a probability to get a breeding pair I assume. What is minimum tank size for 4? The plan is that once I get my breeding pair, I would sell off the other discus.

2. I've read that eventually once the breeding starts, that I would need many aquarium tanks....20g for breeding pair to breed, 30g to raise the youngs and then finally 55g for raising them to 2 inches to sell? I'm wondering roughly what is the minimum tanks I would need to be effectively able to sustain 1 breeding pair and then raising the youngs to 2 inches and sell them?

3. I'm from Vancouver B.C Canada and was wondering if I would have a hard time selling off the young 2 inch discus? I guess only people from Vancouver would be able to answer this.

4. Have you ever was unable to sell off all the young discus? What did you do? Just kept them and keep growing them until you're eventually able to sell them? I'm just afraid I'm not able to sell all my stock and runs out of tank space

5. Last question is where is the best source to get my starting discus in Vancouver? It would be online too, please point me in the right direction to get my first 4-6 discus and start my discus breeding journey! Also now that I've sold all my fish aquarium/equipment, where is the best place to get hunt for good bargain on aquarium/equipments? I saw that the petco dollar for gallon is the place to be for aquariums under 29g and thats all I know hahhaaa.

Thank you so much!