After a bumpy ride Iím now feeling a wee bit more comfortable in keeping these magnificent fish, or Ďdinner platesí as my family have nicknamed them . Thanks everyone for the advice on this forum over the past two years, particularly Hollowman and Sayid. Iíve learnt a lot more than I knew when I started but my knowledge is still just a 💧 in the bucket!

Iíve purchased a Cade Altumate 1200 which I pick up from Qld - combined a driving holiday with tank collection, lol, as one does when freight quote to our distant region is $1,000! Wanted something bigger for the gang to swim around in. Combined with awesome sump (link to pic of sump) it has a total volume of 633 litres. Looking for suggestions on setting up sump. Iím thinking bakki balls and sponge/wool layer in the first chamber, refugium in the second chamber and 2 continuum bac bricks in the final chamber. Have a dry Red Sea pump as return pump. Remember Iím Ďjust an eggí with a drip of knowledge so any suggestions are most welcome