Hi All,

If anyone uses a Seneye SWS device and has any thoughts on my issue below feedback greatly appreciated.

I have a SWS for the last couple of years on this tank. Up until a week ago it was plugged into the network port of an airport express that then was set to JOIN my Apple network. This worked fine for the most part. Needed the occasional reset of the airport as it sometimes disappeared off my network.

The Seneye uploaded its data every 15 mins or so and sent me alerts via text or email as it was meant to do.

Beginning of October the Seneye started to stop being almost inaccessible at all, from the app, or web either within my network or from outside. When i did get a connection i noticed it was giving me readings every minute.

Over the next three weeks its ability to connect and stay connected just kept getting worse, NOTHING physically changed on my network, no devices, no new pcs, no nothing that i am aware of.

Last couple of days after trying multiple different airport expresses, as i had a couple of others doing the same thing with other devices, all of which were working fine, and these airports also didnít work on the Seneye.

I have now run a 10metre cable from the airport extreme across the floor and connected to the Seneye SWS directly. This is to the same AirPort Extreme the SWS was connecting to wirelessly for the last two years.

I now have for 15 hours stayed connected to the network but am still getting a reading every minute. Itís like the device is dropping the IP address and reconnecting constantly every few seconds.

The lights on the device are not staying on constantly like they used to, all keep flashing like when you first power it up, but on a repeat cycle.

I have emailed Seneye Support but so far they have suggested it is my network or internet connection, maybe it is but I donít what is suddenly now causing it.

Only thing i cant try is putting another SWS in the same place and see if it does the same crazy continual connecting and disconnecting. I donít have a spare sitting on the shelf unfortunately.

I have tried all sorts of settings on the airports from ipv6 on and off and everything in between, not one change has made any difference at all to the issue above so far.

It still seems to be sending alerts if required at present, i will try lifting the sensor out of the water soon and see if it recognises out of water and back in straight away or not.

Itís a doozy and if you have any thoughts on how to fix or if anyone else is having any issues Iíd love to hear them thanks.

Overall the device is great and the out of water feature has helped me a couple of times so i really want to keep it going but this is driving me nuts lol,