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Thread: Discus fever

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    Hi Sabrina ;
    Your tank looks very clean ,is it my imagination or a few of those plants are artificial ,i am a bit baffled by your nitrate level ,40 ppm is a bit high for the number of fish you have which makes me think if you may not be able to vacuum the waist/ detritus the way you want ,not very urgent but worth thinking about before it start the health of your fish . apart from that your tank and fish looks lovely.

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    Only one of the plants is fake, the others are live. I have been doing regular water changes but they have not been big ones, only around 40% each time, which I thought was enough, but maybe not. I have time today to do a large water change so I'm thinking I will take out 50% water and vacuum, add it back and then back to back do another 50% change, surely that will bring my nitrate down. Thanks, I think they look good too

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    Turns out I only needed to do one large water change to bring the Nitrate down. I changed just over 100 liters of water, that's 26 gallons. My nitrate is now 10-20ppm, I am happy with that. Its been a busy day here with the big water change and I also set up my other 4 foot tank I brought a few weeks ago, its now full, running and dosed with Prime and Fluval Cycle. The Fluval cycle treatment goes for 3 days, so I will add some Cories on Wednesday-Thursday to complete the cycle process. This will be the 3rd time I have used Fluval cycle, your tank only takes exactly 2 weeks to the day to cycle fully with only a couple of small water changes, its much better than any other bottled beneficial bacteria on the market, I absolutely swear by it now.

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