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    New discus pair not eating


    I bought a pair of discus from a LFS on Tuesday and they haven't been eating since. I put them in my newly setup barebottom tank. The only tank mates they have are the two panda cories. I also witnessed some bullying happening. Although not a proven breeding pair but they were advertised as a pair when I bought them from the shop.

    Any advice would be helpful.

    Can I also upload videos in my post?



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    Hi Michael
    I will assume when you say newly set up that the tank has been cycled etc and you don't have any ammonia/ nitrite etc.
    A lot of discus are raised on beef heart and seafood mixes by the breeders, so it is likely that they will need some time to adjust to foods you are now offering. Try them on frozen blood worms, freeze dried black worms and frozen brine shrimp. Ultimately get them on to pellets, but this may take a bit of time (unless they have been given pellets before).
    If you see any white poo, then you could have a problem, but otherwise just give them a bit of time and a lot of clean water.
    Make sure your temp is between 28-32c.
    The bullying is normal and in relation to them being a pair, until they produce fertile eggs they are not considered a true pair.
    Hope this helps

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