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    Worming Patterns

    Hey Guys,

    I haven't been on here for awhile, lost the discus bug, anyway its back.

    The question I have today, it appears that some of my guys have gill flukes so I was going to do an all round worm treatment, I used to use a product called Big L and Aquamaster Fluke and Tapeworm products. Basically Im after the sequence I am to use, Jothy had a great post about it years ago and Ive spent a good 30-1hr look for it with no luck. Does anyone have that sequence.


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    Hi Rob,
    bringing back memories
    week 1 big L 1ml/7L
    week 2 Prazi 1 tablet 20L
    week 3 prazi 1 tablet 20L
    week 4 big L 1ml/7L

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