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    Hi hollowman

    thank you for sharing your experience and yes having a fluke free display tank is everyone's dream I think. =) so for now I'm after a more cost effective way to treat 6ft tank and hopefully it doesn't take too much effort either then we could just repeat every 6month to keep the number down, but if using above treatment protocol as described by sayid would get rid of it then I would like to give that a try so let's hope sayid is still around to tell us the outcome.
    and yes I think you are right, those fussy eater will no doubt spit the medicated food out.

    btw I just found something called kusuri wormer plus which looks like a pretty cost effective product to control fluke and it sounds pretty safe for display tank. just wondering if we can still source this in australia?


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    Hi George;
    I have sent you PM regarding the fluke ,i basically have followed Andrew soh method and so far it has been a success but as Steve mentioned it is difficult to eradicate but you can control , regarding Kusuri ,i have used it but again it is expensive and for successful treatment you need to break the cycle of the fluke but having said that it is available in Australia .

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