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    Sick discus and Hexamita medication.

    A week ago I got 5 large Alenquer Diskus from a friend who works long hours and cannot take care of his fish anymore. I place them in a quarantine 110 Liter tank. Their appetite seems to be ok but two of them showing sickness symptoms. One of them is very thin with darker color (almost black) and clamped fins (seems to be symptoms of Discus Plague). The other one normal body size (not as thin) but darker color not as dark as the other yet and no clamped fins yet but one eye is foggy.
    Three days ago I went to my Local Fish Store and I bought Hexamita for Discus. I did a 30 % water change then
    I administer three days dosage which finished yesterday. Today on the Fish with the Foggy eye I noticed two white spots on one side of the body which I do not remember being there.
    I did a 30 % water change and added some Hexamita drops to compensate for the water change.
    So, far their appetite has not changed. They are eating well two meals a day.
    Any help and/or suggestions you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated. I do not want to loose any of these beautiful Discus.
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