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    Hi, I'm New Here!
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    Cool Hello from Memphis

    Hello. Greetings from Memphis, Tennessee. I'm just getting back into the aquarium hobby from about a 10 years away. I am new to Discus, but I understand that they have thier demands, but they are also a rewarding species. I like a good challenge and I want to do it right. Perhaps that is part of the enticement.

    I am also interested in Hatchetfish, Rams and am comsidering a low-tech, planted Amazon bio-type tank. I initially purchased a 125 gal long, but my wife and I both agreed that it did not really fit in our breakfast nook, so I purchased a used 75 gal. I have done lots of reading on Discus, but I am going to have lots of questions.


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    hello and welcome aboard Memfish ;
    we will try to answer your questions and wish you the best of luck

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