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    Sorry - HOB = Hang on Back Filter. I have plenty of mature filter media (I keep a bunch of sponges out of smaller internal filters in my main tank sump in case of emergency)

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    Great ,set up one or better two HOB with mature sponge in them ,if you can adjust the speed of the water going through then reduce the speed to give the Bactria chance to convert the waste ,if not don't worry ,you are having a heavy load of discus in this new tank ,hopefully the tank is bigger than 500 l in volume, based on 12 discus and 40 liter per discus .
    make sure you have enough metro on hand , a combination of high temp treatment ,metro ,fresh water should do the job.
    Because of large number of discus and small size of sponges you have to watch for ammonia spikes ( might need 3 HOBS ) .
    good luck

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    That is one hell of a tank for discus.
    That would be amazing to look at when all of them reach 6-7", there will be hard work to achieve that in this tank size.
    I already feel the pain of maintenance.
    Beautiful tank but the only thing i do not like is your choice of substrate, better off with fine white sand. I wish my living room have space for such tank, i dont mind spend more time cleaning it .

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