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Thread: What is this??

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    You could be right Steve. He is currently floating around in the tank like he is dead but he is still breathing, if his not floating around he is up the corner of the tank with mouth near the surface. He is going to die, that i am certain of. I can not bring myself to put him to sleep, i refuse to loose another discus, i just cant. I am at my wits end as to what i am doing wrong, this will be the 4th discus i have lost in just 4 months of keeping them. I feel like the biggest failure today, i don't think i want them anymore

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    I just went to check on him, his dead. I give up

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    I am sorry to hear about your loss, we knew from the photo that this might not have a happy ending and you tried your best to save him .I have to tell you that swim-bladder problem are 90% fatal . i just lost a 16 cm stendker that i had for 4 years to swim bladder infection even though i have a clean BB tank ,unfortunately discus have limited immune system and therefore open to infection.
    This has happened to all of us . don't blame your self.

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    Sad news Sabrina, but don't ever give up. Sometimes buying larger fish is better as you don't know how the young ones have been treated. You can see in a larger fish the good and bad traits immediately and make a better informed decision.

    But you are doing your best, chin up.
    Why me ?

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    Good morning, thank you both for your kind words and your help on this one.

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    Sabrina so sorry to hear about yr loss. At least you know you did everything possible but it doesn't help with how it makes you feel. I am a total novice in this hobby but after losing my five juvies through inexperience I decided to purchase larger discus from interstate. I have to say I've had them for three weeks now and compared to the amount of wc I had to do with the juvies my big guys are so much easier to look after. I'm a bit of a stress monster so have found looking after these guys a lot less stressful than juvies. Don't give up, you obviously love discus.

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    Hi Krissy, thank you for your comments. I can agree that juvies are very hard to care for, all 4 that have died were young discus between 2 and not even 3 inches. I too are a stress monster about my discus, i have just spent the night moving everyone to different tanks in the hope to stop bulling and illnesses. So now my 2 biggest discus are alone in the 4 foot as they are the only two that dont fight each other. I moved two juvies to my 100 liter tank for safety as they were being bullied by one of the bigger ones. And then there is Tango the discus, i moved her to a 2 foot, she is the biggest bully of all time and she lives alone with 2 mini mollies as tank buddies. I had an angel fish in the 4 foot but have since moved her to a 2 foot ready to sell as she was nipping at the discus. I did try the angel fish with Tango but that lasted 5 minutes, Tango ripped its tail fins! I have no idea how this separation technique will work but im going to try it for now and hope for the best. I am at my wits end with these fish, i dont know why they cant just all get along. Yes, i love discus, i really do, i just didnt realize they could be so difficult to care for i guess. Thanks again Krissy

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