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    2 of our 7 discus have paired up (well atleast we thought) we thought the red jag was male and the red flower was female ... any way they've been shaking at each other and cleaning different surfaces for a while now, we noticed the red jag rubbing up against the heater .. YES IT LAID EGGS!! So we was wrong it's a female -.- BUT the red flower discus just eats them as she's laying them?? Is this normal behaviour?

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    Hi and welcome to DF;
    discus pairs will take a few practice runs before they get it right so i would not worry if i was you ,sending some pictures will help every body to give more informed advise

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    Eating is just because they are immature. It might also be because there are other fish in the tank and it is a defensive reaction. The only way you can confirm a pair is to put them in a breeding cube and see if you get wrigglers, it can be that you have a pair of females, it can happen. Unfortunately, breeding in a community tank will be a waste of time as should you get fry, they will all be eaten anyway. But it is fascinating to see fish pairing and spawning.

    As Sayid said, photos, (side on photos of the full fish) can help identify male and female, but never 100% accurate.
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