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    Fish Fry/Larval Food

    Fish Fry/Larval Food

    Size 1: 75 250 m first fry food suitable as a baby brine shrimp alternative 52% protein
    Size 2: 250 360 m second stage food for small fry or a first food for larger fry 51% protein

    Contains a high percentage of QUALITY KRILL MEAL for better colour enhancement of fish and higher attractiveness. Made from highly-selected raw materials with easily digested protein and high quality lipids to promote the vitality of fish. This food has excellent dispersibility on water surface and a slow sinking speed so it stays in the water column longer for fry to eat.
    I had to purchase 500g which is going to last me a very long time as a small amount goes a long way. Offering some of the excess for sale to anyone wanting to try a smaller amount.
    Food was just opened this week and resealed into smaller packages as pictured to maintain freshness.

    Makes a great food for discus and angelfish fry being raised away from the parents.

    All prices include free postage in Australia.
    20g $5, 50g $10, 100g $15
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    Hi mate, I am keen to get 20g of both Size 1 and Size 2 to be posted. Can you please let me know payment details? Thank you.

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