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Thread: LED lighting

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    Hi, I'm New Here!
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    LED lighting

    New poster here.
    Wanting to start a discus biotope and was looking at lighting options. Very experienced with T5'e etc, but am quite taken by LEDs. Aim is to have a 6ft tank, x 2 x 2.
    Is there a recommended set-up for this size?
    What spectrum is recommended for a planted discus tank? Any 'don't do's?
    any hints and tips will be most welcome, Thank you

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    Sorry but I can't help as I never had planted tanks, I hope someone will be along to help you, but it is quite quiet around here these days.
    Why me ?

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    Hi Japers1!
    For choosing the best LED light for planted aquarium you can use 6500K and the rule that 1 watts of the light/ 1 gallon of aquarium water. Perhaps you are having your 20 gallon fish tank so I think 6500K and 20 watts LED lighting will fit the tank.
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