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    Fluval FX6 and a UV question.

    Hey Guys,
    I'm after some recommendations, I have a fx6 and I love it, but I now need a uv for it. I've had a podmaster 36w which was great in the past. I spent most of Friday night trying to connect it to the uv, 3 hour later it was connected, had it running for about 30 sec before it split and water went everywhere. Now I'm in the market for a new one, i know the fx6 has a high water output, I just need a uv that will be good with it. I'm changing 30% a day at the moment to stop the green water and I'm a big over it. Any advise would be appreciated.

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    I use a T to split the output and then use a control valve down the line to control the volume and pressure through the UV and Stream 2

    Also point out that the consensus of numerous posts and other info is that to be most effective the longer the waters' exposure to UV the better the effect, hence the 1/2" plumbing on the output side of the UV in my setup.

    Eq. Aquaone 2700 filter, 11W UV, OF Stream 2, filtering 1100ltrs ( 6x2x2 and 5x2x2 ganged together )

    My pet theory ; the larger the volume of tank water, the easier it is to keep the water conditions stable.

    I change about 15-17% of the water every 2nd day, ( another of my pet theories is that young fish grow quicker and better with frequent water changes )
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    Thanks Mike, I've come to the same conclusion, I'm looking at splitting the output via a T intersection which will cut the flow via half (hopefully) and then attach a 36W UV unit to one side and see how that goes. Just as a curiosity thing I've flicked Fluval an email and see what they recommend.

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    I got Fluvals response and they recommended not connecting anything to the FX6 as it could not handle the UV being connected but rather to get another smaller unit and connect a UV to that. I ended up getting a 40W unit that can handle the flow and im only running it for 6 hours a day and its fixed the problem.

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    I think oldmanmike56 idea of using a "T" is valid as I have seen setups where the FX6 is connected to a manifold. The main issue is to make sure that there is no back pressure and that the water flow is not impeded. Is it is it can cause tubing to burst or split. If I can find a picture of a manifold I will post it so you can see what I mean. There should always be a bypass, but depending on how many valves it has, you can have your UV, Heater, etc connected without any issues.


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    Personally, I never saw the need for a uv on a discus tank, unless you are heavily planted and water changes are not so big or regular.
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