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    Help! Have had pair for one week... Pair had eggs now female? Beeting up male?

    Was told these beauties were paired and have spawned but was in community tank so... We got on Fri week ago and they have their own tank, they seemed to be in love. Little one we think is male as was acting like our other fish (African and American) when they were courting. Day 6 there were eggs!!! Both cared for eggs. Not sure when they laid so ? If they were viable and they have moved them. Have read could be up to a week for them to find and attach to parents?!

    Anyway, now the bigger ? Female it beating up, chancing and biting the little one ? Male. Have covered them hopeful to settle them down. Completely new to discus and don't yet know normal behaviour ...

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    Hi, I'm New Here!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Little Fishy View Post
    have spawned
    Any further news to this. Did the eggs survive? Did you raise any babies? Did they spawn again? Any success? Did the kind lady have any more?

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