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    Hello all.

    I am planning and already on my way to go back to Discus keeping. Due to financial reason, my plan will be span into a few months. Currently I have:
    1. purchased canister filter E3 EHEIM 350
    2. purchased external canister heater Hydor ETH 300w
    3. purchased ADA (white) decorative sand
    4. purchased Gold Vine medium driftwood
    5. purchased pump EHEIM Compact 1000 for water changing
    6. purchased second hand aquarium white stand
    7. purchased Kassil 150 and the goose-neck. I think 150 is enough for non-planted tank.

    Roughly I have spent $1400 for those.

    In a few weeks time I will have:
    1. custom made Star Fire rimless tank 90x45x45
    2. VIV glassware In and Outflow

    Which is estimated for further $500

    Then there will be the fishes: 5 juvenile same bred discus and probably 100 rummy nose. But this will added in phases, started by rummy nose at the beginning of April and all fishes at the end of April.

    I am going for this look:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Let me know if I am missing something. Cheers.

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    You don't mention rock, what are your plans?

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