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    wet dry or sump filteration ?

    new poster here. had fish room some 30 years ago with 40 breeder tanks for cichlids. now getting back into hobby. just purchase 125 gallon with two corner overflows, which filtration system to use? back in the day had all corner bubble ups or undergravel filters or powerful promaster hang on back with siphon tubes. canisters had just started coming out.

    I wanted to go canister but do not want heater on the inside of the tank, the more research I do I like the biological filtration as well.

    wet dry with bio balls or sump refugium? it is confusing as reading forums online speak of other types mainly for saltwater. At first I really thought I was behind the curve

    my plan is dry start method with a dozen plants, large diftwood and few small fish to get parameters in order

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    I have only ever used a sump with bioballs and a pre filter. Do not understand in this day and age why people still use canisters. To clean my filter I just switch the return off, pick up the pre filter, rinse it and put it back. Simple, therefore it gets done regularly and water quality is maintained. Canisters are more a case of out of sight, out of mind.

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