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    Hi, I'm New Here!
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    New here, new 125!

    Hey everyone. This is my first post and I'm glad to be here. I've had fish all of my life. I'm 28 and my wife loves fish as well.

    I have always wanted discus and so in September we took the plunge. We had 6 2.5 to 4 inchers and lost one 2 weeks after we got it. Everyone else is doing great and growing nicely.

    They have been housed in a 55g by themselves and we are switching to a 60" 125 gallon. I'm picking it up this weekend.

    This will be my first tank over 55g so I've been researching everything. Currently my fish are all in the 55 waiting to be moved:
    6 discus
    10 julii cories
    5 Angelicus Loaches
    7 Rummy Nose tetras

    For filters, I'll be adding my emperor 400 and penguin 350 to have the tank have good bacteria immediately.

    I'm wondering if I should add 2 sunsun canister filters, or do a sump? The tank isn't drilled so we'd have to get a hob type to get the water down to it. Sump would be more expensive and we're trying to save.

    For lights, we're only going to have Java Fern and anubius on driftwood, so would the stock fluorescent light do? We were going to go with 2 30" Planted Plus 24/7 lights but I'm worried about algae since we won't be doing co2. We may have some water sprite or Bacopa as well.

    Last question is about water changes. I do 80 to 90% on my 55g every other day or daily depending on feedings. How much is good for a tank this size? Don't want a crazy water bill if possible lol. Thanks everyone!

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    hi Aparker;
    welcome ,it's encouraging to hear that your wife loves fish too because in the case of most of us at best they tolerate fish . i have 125 gallon tank with 8 adult discus and i change 50% water once a week ,it's depend how much you feed them. regarding filter i have 2 canister filter ( 2200 LPH each) and it does the job , sump is good if you have the space and the fund.
    good lock

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