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    Discus tank lighting, setting up a new Discus planted tank, what is the best lighting

    Good evening to everyone, I am a reefer, I have had a saltwater mixed reef tank for 8 years, and would like to set up a 125 gallon Discus tank. Can anyone share with me the lights that they use on their tanks. Brand, bulbs used, number of fixtures, whether you use LEDs or T-5s. I am looking at using an Aquatic Life T-5 freshwater tank light fixture that is good for plant growth and coloration of Discus. Would very much appreciate everyone's responses, experiences with lighting, and what works best. Thanks to everyone who replies. As I am new to Discus keeping, I want to make my tank the best it can be from filtration, to types of fish that I can keep, would be very grateful for any help!!!

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    Not that I would in any way suggest this as 'the go to' light, I am using one of the LEDZeal Malibu S400 units on a 5'x20"x2' tank (20" high rather than 2'). I previously was using T5's but when time came for an upgrade I wanted something that had the ability to have a sunrise and sunset period.

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