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    Which UV for a 6'x2'x1.5' tank.

    The globe in my Ultra Zonic UV sterilizer is now a few years old and past its use by date. I am not sure which size it is but the total length is a bit over 1 foot long. Any idea what wattage it would be? Otherwise if I do get a new unit to plug into the outlet of my canister filter, what brand and size would you recommend? I lose water when I try to remove the globe from my Ultra Zonic unit, are any able to replace the bulb without losing water?
    6'x2'x1.5' planted tank
    1x Red Turq
    1x Blue Turq
    1x red leopard
    1x Alenquer
    1x Albino Alenquer
    1x Heckel
    1x Wild Green
    1x Siamese algae eater
    1x Royal whip tail
    1x Otto
    1x Veiltail albino Bristle nose
    4x Cory Sterbai
    1x Black Ghost Knife fish
    Chery Shrimp
    Apple and cone snails

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    Hi RDavies - I recently installed an Eheim Reeflex800 on my 6ft planted discus tank. As with most Eheim gear it's a bit exy but appears to be a good quality unit. The bulb can be replaced without losing water. The inside of the unit is quite different to most UVs in that the tank water flows through a tube within the UV housing so the inside is dry and highly reflective. That's how they get to claim lower wattages for larger tank sizes. I've been running mine for 3months with no dramas at this stage.

    Also - check Gumtree. Every now and then I see a UV getting posted. Replacement globes can be sourced off eBay from China for low cost but questionable quality.

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