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    Corals and Clowns!

    Hey all,

    Thought I would upload some pics of my marine tanks and what not as I don't frequent as often as I have in the past, probably did the forum some good without my presence :P

    I had setup a shallow tank back in 2012, in all it had been a success being extremely low maintenance with no automated or routinely dosing of supplementary elements, only NSW water changes. Done a-lot of propagation and fragging/selling of stock to fund more stock! Tank reached its peak (will dig up some more photos) but due to other priorities, work commitments and uni during march-april (working 7 days a week, with uni, also travelling sucks to randwick) things started to go south after running successfully for nearly 3 years. Quite devastated to say the least, but time was quite scarce and I'll admit I personally was albeit reluctant to work on the tank and that bit me in the ass big-time. As a result of my neglect, my tunze ATO had failed, alongside my skimmer and mp10w wetside, and all conveniently at the same time which was perfect!!
    Fortunately I had moved on some stock to a friends house but still lost some of my prized livestock I had for years.

    Presently the tank is still running, still deciding on which direction I should head as I originally planned on upgrading. I started accumulating equipment for my 150x80x50 euro-braced peninsular style tank (GHL dosing pumps, Vortech mp40's, gyre, 2x ATI powermodules) etc, however after the loss of some of my prized livestock, I couldn't really quantify whether if it'll be worth it again. Ideally I would like the new system to be somewhat automated to an extent but that'll cost some money and currently with me saving up to buy new motorbike gear, plus a 200sx (if anyone knows someone that is willing to sell, send them my way), textbooks for Uni and being at the peak of my youth, realistically I don't think I'm in the position to drop XXXX amount on a new tank! Hopefully I'll score an internship/cadetship next year and I'll be more financially able to do so!

    In all, I'm still really tempted to setup a tank for Tapajos orangeheads again or micro geos cause it sure won't damn cost as much as the marine tank, so if anyone is selling any good quality orangeheads I may just setup a 4foot!

    Anyways some pics of the tank and the platinum's when I had to temporarily move them as well (THEY'RE FOR SALE BTW!)

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