Hi Guys,
I'm currently building a new house and are planning out my new 9x2.5x2.5 planted discus tank.

I have just purchased the tank from Tv Aquatics in Melb, they had 20% off all tanks so I was able to grab a bargain.

Tank: 9x2.5x2.5
Flirtation: 6x18x18 sump designed by Colin from Gotroppo Aquariums with a bottom feed overflow on it
6000ltr return pump
3 x 300w heaters
led lighting
diy co2 reactor
Diy 2tone substrate
Cabinet is going to be 900mm high with high gloss
Painted black back
Drain hidden in cabinet for WC

I have got heaps of awesome driftwood from 6x2x2 tank which is going to be setup in each corner with Java ferns, Moses and Anubis over the driftwood. Vals along the back with big swords in front of them then a big area in the middle for the discus.
I have done a lot of research on the sump design and are looking forward to starting this massive project. I'm getting very excited about the setup and will keep you posted on how it's going.