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Impressive. I dont have a PAR meter, but I pretty sure if I ran my LED's that high I will get an algae farm. Do you need a lot of CO2 at these light levels?
Yeah mate, the trick to extreme light is balance, my test tank at home only grows green spot algae in trace amounts, but the CO2 is saturated and the fertilizer amounts are reasonably high.

I still use Glut even with saturated CO2 it makes a difference.

I cant keep RCS in this tank, so far the only fish that has managed to survive is a Betta and I assume its because it has a labyrinth organ.

It will be interesting too see if this little nano on my desk can work with double the light of my test tank.

just to throw stupidity into the equation I'll be on leave for 2 weeks. I've dosed it up with ferts and asked a co worker to keep up the Glut. I'll update you all as to how it goes.