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    Plants and Discus Question

    Hey Guys.

    Just a general question, I currently have a bare bottom tank with around 8 discus most adults. Recently I caved to my wife and bought some anubius plants and 2 weeks later Im finding that the not doing that crash hot, leaves are turning yellow/brown. Anyway the question I have, after a bit of reading it appears that its because I have a bare bottom tank and Im changing my water every 3 days there's no nutrients for the plants to absorb.

    So the question I have is how to I get my anubius to stay green and grow positivily, the obvious answer is ferts but Im not sure what to use and what wont effect my discus. Keep in mind I have a 6ft tank and I dont want to burn a huge hole in my wallet.



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    Hi. I keep a lot of anubius and find they will do this from time to time when i change something or move them. I suspect they need to adjust to changes in light, temp etc. I use flourish about twice a month at the normal dose. If your fish are adults I would cut back on your water changes.

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