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Thread: Guppy' online

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    Hi, I'm New Here!
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    I can confirm all bad feedback on guppy’s. I bought a T5 fixture from them a while back. I needed to change the globes so emailed them asking which globes they would recommend as their website is very limited with information.
    After a few days of no response, I emailed again.
    After 1 month of no response, I emailed them tell them where to go, in a polite way, and that I would never purchase from them again.
    I had a reply within an hour asking what I was talking about. When referring them to my month of no feedback, their response was:
    “Best you buy from a shop then, we do not recommend products as that make us liable if you don’t like our recommendation”
    Thanks Guppy's, great service, thanks for making me wait a month longer than I needed to save my dying plants.
    To make matters worse, I have gone to remove the globes from my fitting but the cheap Perspex cover shipped with the fixture has warped and is stuck in the unit. Upon trying to slide it out, it is snapping each time I touch it.
    Guppy’s = cheap horrible nasty imported crap.
    Spend the money and buy something that will last.
    Tony – Adelaide local andgry with guppy’s

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    Guppies is under new management

    Hey all
    I am new to the forum but I wanted to respond to this thread. I have no affiliation with Guppies aquarium products, I just think it is right to share my positive experiences with Guppies as they have been doing the right thing by me. I live only 15 minutes drive from Guppies warehouse and I visit it on a weekly basis to buy fish food and bit and pieces - they have been great with me - very friendly and helpful...I want people to know that this is an old thread and the experiences that people shared were about the old Guppies warehouse and the actions of the previous owners and management. Guppies is now under new owners and new management - be willing to give them a go and if you live on the Gold Coast or in Northern NSW pay them a visit - the place is a large warehouse, a treasure trove of fishy goodies. Cheers.

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    Purchasing locally has a lot of advantages. Delivering costs is one of them.

    It's less upsetting for the fish. You get to see the fish before you get them. You get to meet and interface with individuals who are dedicated to what you are hoping to get into. It's better for the climate.

    Just an option.

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