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    Just thought i would share my find

    Hi All
    Over the last 3 months my peppermints have been going nuts breeding in my discus tank .Every 4 weeks i clean out my fx5 and xp4 i get between 20 to 30 peppermints out of each filter. But tonight i pulled out of my fx5 about 40 peppermints up to 4cm in length , 5 common whiptails around 5cm and 2 corys sterbai .
    Its like each time i open my filters my fish are leaving me a present inside i dont know whats going to be in there next lol

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    I really do not know what to say! It has NEVER happened to me! lol
    Cheers Kath

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    some people have all the luck what are you doing with the sterbia cats

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    Im going to keep the sterbias

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