Hi All,

Just thought you might like to see a couple of pics of snakes that i have had close encounters with.

1. This is locally known a singa. Locals reckon a bite off these is quite serious. They are always around here, after the water rats and mice, frogs etc. Unfortuantly, when you see these you have to kill them as we have small children around here playing.

2. This snake i am not sure what it is, I thought some type of cobra. But i was at the local shop top of the drive having a chat with a couple of swiss friends and i heard my dogs barking, came to the gate and could not see anything, but they just kept barking, unknown to me there was this thing on a window sill behind me, and I only knew when I heard it fall and I see it go behind a load of rubbish.

Called to a Thai family member and he came over, told me to be careful, CAREFUL...I didn't want to be there, anyway it had went into a clay water pipe, he grabbed it tossed it in the air and when it broke... all hell broke loose, the thing reared right up, we both backed off, it made a swoop for my friend, and he managed to whack it with his stick then whacked it again then walked off...lol

Looked this snake up on the internet and came across this website, http://www.mrx.no/Phuket/One_move_an...d_you_die.html one bite off this beauty and your dead in 15 minutes....

I have since found out that this snake is a copperhead ratsnake which are not poisionious at all.

Here's a couple of pics of a couple of snakes mating in the stream that runs along the side of the house.

I'm not that clued up with snakes, so i am not certain what type they are.

Jeff & Wan