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Thread: Cockroaches

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    Tiny Fry
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    Nov 2007
    Sydney, Australia
    It has taken me 6 months to organise it, but I finally had my place sprayed for roaches...

    I ended up using a company called Bugz, and I can recommend them to others living in Sydney. The guy who sprayed my place kept Lake Malawi ciclids and so was knowledgeable about fish and very careful around my tanks.

    I also covered my tanks with towels, turned off the air pumps and left the balcony doors open for ages after... They sprayed last friday and so far the only casualties are cockroaches.

    I'm not sure if this breaks the rules but I don't think these guys are in competition with any of our sponsors so here are their details:

    Bugz Pest Control
    PO Box 689
    Cronulla NSW 2230
    02 9522 2333


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    Hi, I'm New Here!
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    May 2016
    Nelson Bay, NSW, Australia

    Can't get Cockroaches living in, under and all around tanks !!!!

    had house sprayed, tanks covered etc... All 13 tanks were good no casualties... Not even the cockroaches. Kitchen and laundry cleared of them but still safe and sound near fish tanks. Help,,,,,

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