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    im not wanting to contradict anyone on here, but i have used formalin and pp to treat planted tanks.

    What i do is treat with formalin at a rate of 2-2.5ml per 100 litres for 7 days depending on how sick the fish are. I then add pp after 7 days which actually bonds with the formalin to make it less toxic according to a pharmasist i have done some work with. PP is only active for about 45 mins and is then inefective and will change colour as it oxidises. I then use pure vitamin C tablets from a pharmacy or health food shop. The vitamin C must be 100%pure with no suger. I crush them up and add them to the tank. It absorbs the pp coulouring leaving the tank clear and also stimulates the fishes appetite

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    your pharmicicst is correct, PP's effective time is somewhere between 45min-1hr, this window can be increased by keeping light out, the color change from purple to brown is a good indiaction it has been exausted.

    PP is an oxidising agent, as a result it will oxiduse ANYTHING it comes into contact with, adding PP to formalin will result in the formalin being deactivated.

    Vitamin C is a powerful antioxident hence clearing the color of the PP. the apitite stimulation is a direct result for the vitmin C, I use B complex + garlic to stimulate appitied in stuborn or sick fish (easier to get sugar free then Vit C + seems alittle more effective).

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